Our surveys are a complete representation of your site's conditions as they currently exist. Sending laser measurements directly to our survey software is the fastest, most accurate way to measure your building. We use Class 1 lasers and send the data directly into specially designed survey software running on Samsung tablets. The process is fast and quiet, we wouldn't want to disturb your workplace with unnecessary noise. Take a look at our projects page to see some of our clients; you'll recognize many names on the list. Please know our service was created to help you. Its only concern is your needs... your work... your project. Please take a few minutes to contact us and tell us your needs, we'll do our best to help. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you!


Imagine walking into any property, building, or space, to take a picture or measurement. Remember the effort, expense, and amount of time it takes to travel to this site. Remember too, the measurement you forgot to get and the picture you forgot to take. Now, imagine you're viewing this property from your desk at work... your laptop at home... your favorite coffee shop... or even a meeting. We can give you and your team this unique window into any property nationwide! Our precise CAD drawings with object-linked 360° photographs allow you to view what's important to you anytime, from any place, at your leisure! With us, it's like having your very own eyes and ears on-site, wherever you are!
Try it and see for yourself!

Why Us?

We've been asked, "What is special about your business?" and "Why should we use you?" My response usually goes something like this:
1. "We're experienced; dependable; thorough; accurate; quick; quiet; and 15 to 20% less than our competitors."
2. Because laser-to-CAD technology is fast and quiet your business atmosphere won't be disturbed; you'll hardly even know we're there.
3. We travel nationwide; we also have a network of surveyors nationwide.
4. Our fees are based on number of days to complete a project, so it doesn't matter where in the country you are. The project determines the fee, not your location.

“We're pleased with your work.” - Callison